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Former Coach of the greatest Tennis Champions in the world!

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Dejan Vranes-Head Coach of the Serbian Men’s Olympic Team

ATP World number 1

Novak Djokovic

Olympic Games Beijing China 2008

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Kids academy 5-12

Tennis, “known as the sport of royalty,” is a wonderful way for children to experience the joys of playing a sport, while also learning valuable life skills. At Dejan Vranes academy, we provide children the opportunity to learn tennis and practice: focus, coordination, patience, flexibility and agility, resilience, teamwork, confidence and humility. Whether a beginner or advanced, we provide a fun and learning program for every level.

Professional players

This program is designed for players wanting to develop the fundamentals needed to become world-class junior players, and ultimately best in the ITF, ATP or WTA ranking. Our intensive or semi-intensive formulas will allow you to improve your performance and surprise yourself with how quickly you are able to take it to the next level. Ultimately, our methods are designed to elevate your tennis to the next level.

Recreational Training

Whether you are a serious lover of Tennis and would like to improve your game or a beginner wanting to ‘break’ into the most exciting sport in the world. Learn the fundamentals of tennis or simply enjoy a regular ‘fun’ game with your family and friends. At Dejan Vranes academy, we will ensure your sessions are designed with fun, whilst improving your fitness level and win at your next friendly family match!


If you want to find out more information about the program and the way it works, please contact us!